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Kinesiology in Melbourne

Book in for Kinesiology in Melbourne and enjoy an effective alternative to traditional medicine.

Kinesiology is an energetic therapy that uses muscle testing to ascertain the causes of physical, emotional and spiritual imbalance. Therapists will tune into your energy field and use a variety of energetic tools to heal imbalances: affirmations, crystals, flower essences, channelling, liquid crystals and oracle cards are some of the tools utilised by our therapists.


Kinesiology is effective at addressing the cause of disease, which originates in the non-physical realms of our being.


Our Kinesiology sessions in Melbourne can be used as an alternative to counselling and psychotherapy, particularly where the cause of the malaise is unconscious, or relevant to past life experiences.


Kinesiology is very effective in bringing you balance on all levels, helping you to feel relaxed, calm, vibrant, clear and empowered.


To book an appointment for spiritual healing or kinesiology in Melbourne, please call us on 03 9388 2422 or send an email.

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