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Far Infrared Sauna FAQs


What are the benefits of Far Infrared Sauna?


FIR sauna:

  • detoxifies the body
  • improves metabolism and circulation
  • burns calories and improves fitness
  • relieves pain and inflammation
  • boosts immunity, destroys bacteria and viruses and heals infections
  • rejuvenates and cleanses the skin
  • is very relaxing, giving the body the effect of gentle exercise without the exertion
  • improves alkalinity in the body




How is a Far Infrared Sauna different to a regular sauna?


A traditional sauna provides a hot environment to heat the skin, whereas a FIR sauna uses infrared rays similar to those we experience from the sun (without the harmful uv) to penetrate through the tissues to heat the body core. This provides multiple health benefits and enhanced detoxification.


Are there any contraindications?


Pregnant women should not use the FIR sauna.

Those with specific medical conditions or using pharmaceuticals should check with their GP. See the “Cautions” tab for more info.


Can I use the Far Infrared Sauna when pregnant?


Its not recommended for pregnant women to use the FIR sauna.


Can I use the Far Infrared Sauna when breastfeeding?


Yes that’s fine. In the FIR sauna toxins are released via the sweat glands, not into the breast milk.


What preparation do I need to do?


Drink lots of water! It’s very important to be well hydrated before having a FIR sauna. If you are dehydrated you will not sweat effectively and reap the benefits, and you may feel light-headed during / after your session due to low blood pressure.


We also recommend exfoliating your skin before you come in, or even better doing some dry skin brushing. Avoid putting body lotions, cream, oils or make up on your skin - this ensures your pores are open for a nice, big sweat.


What do I wear in the Far Infrared Sauna?


Nothing! Infrared waves are most effective when they can contact bare skin and we have a single person sauna, so you will be in the treatment room by yourself, in your birthday suit. As FIR heats the body core, you may feel hot or even still be sweating after your sauna, so loose comfortable clothing is ideal.


How will I feel in the Far Infrared Sauna?


You may feel a sense of deep relaxation, a very similar feeling as when you lie in the sun or have a massage. You won’t necessarily feel overly hot but you will sweat profusely.


Will I feel claustrophobic in the Far Infrared sauna?


No! Our FIR sauna is a single person lying down sauna. You lie on a heated pad and there's a dome that goes over your body, both of which emit the Far Infrared heat. Your head is out of the dome, and there's a curtain over your neck so you will not feel claustrophobic as you can in a traditional cabin sauna. Our treatment room is airy and spacious, with a roof window for fresh air. Lovely. 


Will it burn me?


No, the sauna uses infrared light rays to heat you rather than a heater or hot rocks. It's not possible to experience a contact burn, however the surface areas of the sauna will feel warm. The sauna is using Far Infrared rays, not Ultraviolet rays, so you will not be "sunburnt" either.


How will I feel afterwards?


Relaxed and rejuvenated! Your skin will have a healthy glow and you may notice an alleviation of muscular pain or tension. Due to an increase in circulation throughout your body you may also notice the skin on your legs or stomach is blotchy and red. This is a normal response and it does not last very long…it is more likely to happen in areas where the blood circulation is generally lower.


How often can I use the Far Infrared Sauna?


The sauna is safe enough to use everyday provided you have none of the existing conditions listed on the cautions page and you are mindful to replenish the fluids you are losing via the sweat. A good electrolyte and lots of clean filtered spring water is the way to go!


Can more than one person use the Far Infrared Sauna?


We can provide back-to-back appointments for you and a friend or partner, however the FIR sauna is only big enough for one person at a time.


Does your sauna use Near, Mid or Far Infrared heat?


Our sauna uses Far Infrared heat, which targets weight loss, detoxification, blood pressure reduction, relaxation and pain relief.


How much does it cost?


For a single session the sauna costs $45 but the more sessions you buy, the more you save. We also offer 5 sessions for $200, saving you a total of $25 or 10 sessions for $350, which brings the cost of each session down to $35 each.


Do I need to make a booking?


Yes, the FIR sauna is quite popular so it is best to book in advance to avoid disappointment.


When can I make a booking?


We have sessions available Monday through Saturday. See our contact page for our opening hours. Alternatively you can call one of our friendly staff to find out available times.


How can I make a booking?


Click on the Book Online tab and select a time.

Call (03) 9388 2422 and chat with our staff. 

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the Contact page on our website. 

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