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Ear Candling

For sinus, tinnitus, ringing in ears, hearing, stress


Ear candling is a gentle, relaxing treatment to clear the ear canals of accumulated debris and stimulate the flow of energy to the entire head area. It's an excellent therapy for relieving conditions affecting the head and ear area such as:


  • sinus congestion
  • glue ear / swimmers ear
  • ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
  • hearing problems
  • age related deafness
  • flying discomfort
  • excessive ear wax


During a treatment you will be lying on your side, and the lit candle is gently inserted into the ear canal. A soft crackling sound is heard, similar to the noise of an open fire. Popping may also be heard as chunks of wax are dislodged from the ear.


The burning of the candle creates a warming vacuum (like a chimney), to draw excess matter from the ears and promote circulation. It is also said that the flame draws energy into the body and stimulates the acupressure points located in the region of the ear.


After a treatment you will feel relaxed, grounded and notice an improvement in hearing.


Treatments are available with our therapists, and we also sell the candles so you can do follow up treatments at home.


To book an appointment for Ear Candling please call us on 03 9388 2422 or send an email.

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