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Body Talk

Healing, Balancing, Stress Support


If you cannot relax, you cannot heal. If you cannot deal with stress, it will produce physical consequences. And for each of us those consequences are unique. Perhaps pain. Perhaps a hormone imbalance. Perhaps depression.


BodyTalk is completely drug free and works on the internal responses to stress. Recognising how various parts of the body create and maintain their own defence systems, and how they impact on other parts of the body, a BodyTalk practitioner assists a client to repair their body, improve their core resilience and cope with external pressures.


If you live each day on edge; if you are unsettled or generally apprehensive, then you are not giving your body the opportunity to rebuild and repair itself. And the problems will not go away.


BodyTalk is a journey, with the timing and the results dictated by the body’s own perceptions of priorities. Not the client’s. Objectively that makes sense. Listen to the body’s talk, and not to the mind’s guess.


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