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Bioelectrial Impedance Analysis (BIA)

Preventative medicine. Monitor weight loss, mass muscle, body fat percentage and more...


BIA, or more fondly known as a ‘body fat calculator’, is a simple, non-invasive technique involving a specialized set of scales which send a very low (and safe!) electrical current through the body when your feet are placed on the detector pads. The resistance created when this current flows through the body will enable your overall weight, muscle mass and body fat percentage to be determined, as well as indicating your bone mineral density, basal metabolic rate (the rate at which your body burns energy at rest) and hydration levels.


It’s a fantastic motivator to assist with weight loss and muscle building regimes, as repeated recordings can monitor your progress. Often on basic scale sets, you can become disheartened as kilos don’t budge (or they may even increase!), however, BIA will be able to detect if this weight is fat or muscle. Muscle is in fact heavier, but is essential for your metabolism, burning excess fat and keeping it off, and BIA enables us to monitor the rate at which this happens.


But its not just about weight loss or a tool to calculate body fat, BIA is a fantastic preventive medicine tool, giving us indications about warning signs for diseases such as cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, diabetes and osteoporosis as well conditions where muscle wasting and malnutrition is a risk – over training exercise syndromes, certain diets where protein is lacking (vegans, vegetarians and omnivores alike) and chronic disease states such as viral & parasitic infections and cancer. It’s provides a measure of vitality and longevity, something we should all be in tune with.

BIA will often be incorporated as part of your work with a naturopath, who will be able to explain to you the various results and how they can be improved with dietary and lifestyle advice.

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